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In the trial you will be able to explore:
  1. Sharing file links
  2. Creating workspaces and adding user permissions
  3. Viewing 3D CAD neutral formats in the web viewer
  4. Collaboration tools such as adding comments and status changes
  5. CAD Manager plug-in to manage references
  6. Desktop app

What's not (yet) included in the trial:

  1. Configuration for templates and index fields
  2. Configuration for user groups
  3. Change management module to track CI's, RFC's, and ECO's


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Gain control with version management and permissions.

Check-out and check-in files to control who is working on what. Manage user permissions to increase workspace access and security.


Work easier as a team and manage change.

Work easier as a team by collaborating and sharing files in one place. Review work and keep up-to-date on product status.


Securely share, search, and access from anywhere.

Share files with internal teams or external collaborators from anywhere, remotely or in the office.